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Praveen here – the founder and a t(h)rasher of Thrash The Trash, an online training community dedicated for profitable Trash Management.

Trash has been and will be an absolute game-changer in the near future. Not just for me, but also for you. Join Thrash the Trash and sow the seed to your future now to reap the ultimate benefits later.

With the net rate of Global Waste Management estimated at $2000 billion and Climate Change opportunities estimated at $26 trillion, the only question is, “Do you want a piece of the money pie?”.

Unfortunately, the economic loss in India due to climate change was estimated to be $36 billion in 2018. So now, the greater question is “Do you want to be part of the solution?”

Out of the two choices, which one would you choose? What if I tell you that you can be part of both?.


With 4 modules and more than 60 recorded training videos, I will take you through every step in the process of identifying your niche in Trash Management.

The combination of 4 MODULES and BONUSES are designed to help you create an impact and make an income through Trash Management.

Each lesson is short, actionable and up-to-date.

I’ve also included printable workbooks and action steps to make everything as simple as it can be for you. Even if you don’t have any prior experience with trash or the inner working process of trash management, that’s not a problem.

You’ll also get more than a dozen worksheets, cheat sheets, and access to the private Facebook group of Thrash the Trash.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.


Macro-Niche Clarity Blueprint

Have you ever questioned what would be your choice of trash (macro-niche), where you can solve problems? The first module (Macro-Niche Clarity Blueprint) will guide you precisely to select your macro-niche out of 25+ types of trashes and the validation process.

Micro-Niche Launch Formula

Time to solve the problem – where to start? This module (Micro-Niche Launch Formula) covers 12+ Business Models covering the various aspects of business governance ranging from resources, operations to compliance, revenue models, cost structure, etc.

Whether you want to create an impact or make an active/passive income stream, you will be in one or more of these 12+ business models.

Let’s Thrash some Trash together in the live online Masterclass

Nano-Niche Growth System

You are almost there! Do you want to leverage your expertise or your inner calling to create an impact by solving problems in your macro-niche and micro-niche? This module (Nano-Niche Growth System) covers various areas such as Engineering, Arts, Digital, Design, Finance, Research, etc. and the associated scope.

T(h)rasher Impact Mastery

This module will help you find the common ground (Focus Area) among macro-niche, micro-niche and nano-niche.

It gets more exciting!. Let’s walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

You’ve grasped the concepts, and now it’s time to apply these effectively. There are three projects for you to implement and analyze the impact.


Project Module

Project #1 : Virtual Research Project

Create your own report, blog post, opinion, scientific paper, thesis or dissertation in trash management.

Project #2 : Pilot Project –  Minimum Viable Solution/Product/Service/Recommendation

A much more thrilling roller coaster ride for you to orchestrate a project execution. It can be a service or solution or product or even a recommendation.

Project #3 : Digital Project

We’re in a digital world and it’s time for you to experience the feel of it. Learn how the word digital has a different meaning in the World of Trash?


Get the following exclusive bonuses by joining the Impact Mastery course,

In addition to the Impact Mastery training, I will give you all of the following materials as a part of your purchase today.

BONUS #1 Advanced Digital Framework

At the end, everything comes down to execution; this bonus covers the approach and tools for your Digital Project.

Let’s Thrash some Trash together in the live online Masterclass

BONUS #2 T(h)rasher Reward

Keep your spirits high with the interesting challenges, exciting prices and rewards. 

Enter the grand Hall of the T(h)rashers.



You will have an 1-on-1 with Praveen Kumar, the founder, to work on your validation process.



Download your Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the course. 

Download your Certificate of Achievement on successful completion of each project.

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Most frequent questions and answers

This course has no prerequisites. It’s designed for anyone who wants to identify your focus area in the trash management. The focus area is the common ground among the macro-niche (trash type), micro-niche (business model/activity), and nano-niche (area of expertise/passion).

Yes, this is the perfect place to start. You’ll gain the most out of the courses since you’ll be starting from scratch.

You will also be executing 3 projects in your niche with all the essential guidelines to help you complete the projects effectively and efficiently.

Yes, you can watch the lessons at your own pace and you can access any lesson from day one onwards, and my course mechanisms allows you to keep track of where you left off.

Yes. You will get lifetime access to the course and community. 

If you’ve got to the end of your course, but your completion rate is less than 100% the download button for your certificate won’t appear, so you will need to check the course sections menu to find any that aren’t marked as complete. Once you complete all the sections, a verified Certificate of Completion is awarded.

You’ll also be given a Certificate of Achievement on successful project completion with exciting rewards and goodies.

All you need is a reliable internet connection and access to a personal computer, tablet or phone – our online courses are responsive and designed to work across all platforms.

You can post your doubts on the course platform, and I will answer the doubts during the weekly inner circle call. You can also schedule a 1-on-1 session to validate your niche and project execution.

I’m always happy to help – don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let’s Thrash some Trash together in the live online Masterclass

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