How to Validate/Analyze any Technology in Waste Management – Part 2 (Resource) #TechTuesday

In this series, you’ll learn how to validate/analyze any process/technology/machinery to process waste using 8R’s of Trash Technology:

1. Raw Material
2. Resources
3. Recovery/Output
4. Recovery Rate/Output Quality
5. Residue
6. Repair & Maintenance
7. Risk Mitigation
8. Routines

In this video, you’ll learn one of the 8 R’s of Trash Technology – Resource and answers to the following questions

1. Which stage is the technology/process/machinery in? – Early Stage, Proven, Outdated
2. What kind of input waste can the machine take? – Single Input, Multiple Input, Mixed Input
3. What’s the machine capacity? – Smaller, Medium, Large, Super Large volume
4. What’s the nature of the machine/technology? – Semi Manual, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic
5. What’s the machine’s complexity? – Simple, Continuous, Batch
6. Should you go for your own building or rented building for the factory setup?
7. What is the area required for the setup?
8. Is the Core Machine/process alone enough for the operation?
9. What is the bare-minimum compliance?
10. What’s the utility requirement for the operation? Water, Electricity, Gas, Fuel, etc.
11. What are the consumables?

‘Thrash the Trash’ was commenced in 2021, with the vision of creating a community of t(h)rashers who have the mindset to impact the environment and help them generate income using well-analyzed methods of efficacious trash management. The learning platform helps to identify your niche in waste management to create an impact or income or influence in waste management.

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