Are you a Finance Engineer? Create an Impact/Income/Influence in Waste Management #ThrasherThursday

In this video, you’ll find the answer to the following questions on how to leverage your areas of expertise/passion to create an impact/income/influence in waste management?

1. Why banks and investors are sceptical of waste management?

2. Why go for Equity (Not Debt) funding in waste management?

3. Why not finance the waste (raw material), instead of the capital infrastructure?

4. Transition from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Environmental Social Governance(ESG)

5. Is ESG at Small Medium Enterprises – A Daydream?

6. Spot Market for Waste

7. Can waste hedging offset the risk and price dynamics?

8. Is there a possibility of moving away from cash-based transactions to handle waste by the informal sector?

‘Thrash the Trash’ was commenced in 2021, with the vision of creating a community of t(h)rashers who have the mindset to impact the environment and help them generate income using well-analyzed methods of efficacious trash management. The learning platform helps to identify your niche in waste management to create an impact or income or influence in waste management.

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