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About Me

Hi, I’m Praveen Kumar, and I’m on a mission to help a million people live a lifestyle of T(H)RASHER!.

My journey started as an IT consultant and as time passed, I became aware of the interest I had in the Non-Profit (Environmental) sector and hardware prototyping. Finally, after various struggles and exciting learning experiences, I ended up in the sector of trash management as an entrepreneur and a lifestyle coach. From the busy field of IT to the Environmental sector and then finally to becoming an Entrepreneur now. Seems like an interesting journey, right?

I understand that it might seem a bit like a wild journey because I had felt that myself, when thinking about the unexpected twists and turns I faced in life. When I got my degree in Computer Science, I got the opportunity to understand the world of IT. More than half a decade passed, after which I had two roads in front of me; I could either choose to explore the path where my passion rested, or I could decide to become an entrepreneur for which I have studied for till then. In the end, I guess it is ironic to say that I managed to do both. I traversed the Non-Profit side for some time and later went on to finish my MBA degree in France. While In Europe, I found a new niche for myself which I really liked. It was called waste management. After ample research and hard work, I co-founded a socially and economically profitable company based on waste management when I returned to India.

Learning is vast expanse of new discoveries. I continued with my research owing to my passion and found my very own hybrid model, Thrash The Trash, which is primarily focused on impacting the environment positively through the process of waste management and the best part is, you can also earn actively or passively in this process of becoming a T(h)rasher! In simpler terms, the model proposes a win-win situation where one can also benefit while creating a positive impact on the environment simultaneously. If you think trash is a piece of sh*t, then I am sorry. You have grossly underestimated the power of trash.

Is Trash worth fighting for?

What Is Thrash The Trash?

Global Waste Management has become a rising industry worth $2000 Billion in the contemporary times. The economic loss in India due to climate change, which is diversely connected to improper waste management, estimated to $37 billion in 2018. Thrash the trash acts as the next generation revolution by teaching the effective process of trash management while gaining considerable income from it. The pressing question now is, “Are you ready to make a change by becoming a t(h)rasher?”

Choose your Niche

1. You have the freedom to select your Focus Area from,

26+ types of trashes (Macro-Niche)

10+ business models (Micro-Niche)

Area of Expertise/Passion (Nano-Niche)

A Learning Platform For Waste Management

What will you take back from this revolutionary course?

1. Research Methodologies to Validate Your Choice.

2. Well researched approaches to create an impact and make an active/passive income from trash management.

3. Tips and tricks to become the ‘Ultimate T(h)rasher’

4. Lifetime access to the course

Let’s Thrash some Trash together in the live online Masterclass


Macro-Niche Clarity Blueprint

In this course, you will learn the 25+ types of trashes and criteria to choose your macro-niche.

Impact Mastery Bundle

In this course, you will choose your focus area from 25+ types of trashes, 10+ business model and your area of expertise/passion.


Let’s Thrash some Trash together in the live online Masterclass

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